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Is Minority Report Real?

Google and Facebook Hiding

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What is data Mineing

Turning Data into Information




In this project you will be documenting examples of the communication processes and using electronic communication as your medium. To do this all of your work will be done on your own wordpress blog. example ( When the entire project is complete this wordpress blog will be used to submitt your finished project. To make this easier to follow we will be breaking this project into several smaller assignments which are document below. The first assignment will be to generate various accounts on different sites. When you do this please make sure you remember you info or write it down


Assignment 1 (Generate Logins and Accounts)

a. Generate a Wordpress account by going to the site   and clickign on "Create Website". Choose a subdomain name for your site. and enter it in the box. I recomend using your first and last name with an underscore. it has to be unique in the world so if its taken then just ass a number to the end. When you have created your wordpress account select the theme titled "Eventbrite Single Event". This will mak eit easier to format later.

b. Generate a DELICIOUS account here 

c. If you Have access to a youtube account ok (any account is ok), if you do not then create an accout.

d. Get an Account from Bubbl



Assignment 2 (Delicious Links)  Dont Do, MCPS Block 

Now that you have a delicious account, you need to find 5 articles on Social media Data mining. This will be considered informative communication. Each of the 5 sites you find on Social media data mineing need to be bookmarked in you delicious account. To do that simply follow these directions.

  1. login to your delicious account and click on the "Add Link" button
  2. Then past the URL for the site you want to bookmark in the box and click "Add Link"
  3. Do this for all 5 our your articles.

Once you have added all five the next step is to add the feed to your wordpress site. To do that follow these directions.

  1. Login to wordpress
  2. Go to "My Site" in upper left corner.
  3. Then click  "Customize" next to "Themes" then "Widgets"
  4. Then click "Primary Sidebar" then "Add Widget" button
  5. Choose the RSS widget
  6. For the "Feed URL" enter the following  with YOUR USERNAME USERNAME HERE
  7. Add a title
  8. Click save.
  9. You should now see the 5 feeds on your site after clicking "View Site" 


Assignment 3 ( - Communications Model)

In this assignment you will be mapping the communications process:

  • Source
  • Encode
  • Transmitt
  • Recieve
  • Decode
  • Destination

To do this you will model this precess with a communication mode of your choice. My example below is based on verbal communication. You will choose a different mode of communication and identify the 6 different parts in a graphic organized. To do that you will use a site called . Once you have created your graphic map you will export an image of you map and put it on your wordpress siet as a blog entry.


  1. Got to and generate an account
  2. Construct a graphic organized that models the 6 steps of the communication process
  3. When finished click "Export" and save the image as a .png file.
  4. Login to wordpress site
  5. Click on "Mysite"
  6. Then click on "Add" next to "Blog Posts"
  7. Type a brief description of what communication mode you chose and insert the picture of your graphic organizer by clicking on the "Add media" button in the upper left corner of the editor.
  8. Upload and add your bubbl image and select it.

Communications map

Assignment 4 (Entertainment Video)

In this assignment you will be embedding an entertaining video of your choice into your second blog post which will also be on a seperate page of your site instead of the front page. The only requirement is that the video is appropriate. In addition to the video you will also write a brief description of what the video is about and why it is entertaining.

  1. Find appropriate video on any site
  2. Copy embedd code usually by clickling on "Share" and then looking for embedd code
  3. Login to wordpress and click on "My Site"
  4. Then click on "Add" next to the "pages" option
  5. Title the page
  6. In the upper right corner of the editor click the "HTML" tab
  7. Past the Embedd code from youtube into your new page.


Assignment 5 (Data Control + Analysis - Google Docs Web Form)

In this assignment you will be creating your own web form using google docs form feature. Your form will have oly 5 questions. The 5 required questions are as follows.

  1. How old are you?
  2. Snapchat or Instagram?
  3. Apple or Android?
  4. Winter or Summer?
  5. Bath or Shower?
  6. Choclate or Vanilla
  7. Rain or Snow


With those questions you will creat a forms that will ultimatly be embedded into your site for others to take. To make the form follow these directions

  1. Login to google and open up google drive
  2. Once there click on "New" and than the "More" option
  3. Choose "Google Form" option
  4. Title the form and create the above required questions
  5. When finished adding qustions click on "Send Form" in the upper right
  6. Then click on the "Embed" button and copy the code
  7. Creat a new page like we did for the entertainment assignment #4 and put the form on your new page.


Assignment 6 (Persuade - BCR, ECR )

In this assignemnt you will be writing a persuasive blog post related to social media. You shoudl put this right on you front page as a new blog post. The topic of discussion is if companies, and universities should have the ability to request access to your social media accounts before hiring you or accepting you to a school or organization.  Address the following key points.

  1. If you deny them access then do they then have the right not to hire or accept you on that basis.
  2. Support your opinion with legal justification or counter arguments.

This should be approxmitaly 10 sentences.

Assignment 7 (Twitter Feed on Side bar )

In this assignemnt you will be adding a twitter feed of your choice to the side bar of your site. To do this follow the following instructions. 

1. Go to you sites control panel 

2. Click on the "Customize" button next to themes

3. Click on "Widgets" and then the "Add a Widget" button

4. Scroll to the bottom and choose "Twitter Timeline"

5. Give it a title and then go down and add the user name of the twitter account you want to add to your site. If you dont knwo what account to use then use the NWHS account the user name is @Northwestjags

6. Then CLick "Save and Publish"


Assignment 8 

 (Submitt to Google Classroom)

 (Submit to + Feed ) 

Simply Log in to the forum and paste a link to your wordpress site. Below are shortcuts to the forum where the assignment shoud be turned in.

Once you have submitted your work add the Techedclass RSS Feed to your site by doing the following.

  1. Visit Techedclass forum and click on the RSS feed icon in the lower right corner of the forum
  2. When the new page opens copy the URL
  3. Then open your Wordpress site and add an "RSS" widget"
  4. Paste the URL into the appropriate area and publish it. You should now see links to others student posts on your site.

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